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FoodScan Pro: At-line use IPG 65

FoodScan Lab:  Laboratory use, with external computer

Samples: Any type of meat

Parameters: Fat, moisture, protein, collagen and salt

For use by: Meat products producer

Technology: NIR transmission

Mesuring time: 50 sec.

Find the solution that match your sample types and parameters

When installing FoodScan, a manufacturer of sausages with a daily production of 10 tons will typically be able to experience an improved earnings in his production of a minimum of $35,000 resulting from better raw material utilization. He will also be able to benefit from being able to supply more consistent final product quality.

FOSS service and support

More than just an instrument, FOSS solutions are supported by a global network of more than 250 highly trained service engineers.

FOSS Support

FoodScan™ Meat Analyser

Improved efficiency and consistency in the meat industry

FoodScan™ Meat Analyser is a fast, accurate and easy to use instrument for analysing all stages of meat production - from checking incoming raw material to final product control. It is pre-calibrated to analyse all key parameters including fat analysis, moisture analysis, protein analysis, salt analysis and collagen analysis delivering results in just 50 seconds.

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Officially approved meat analysis

FoodScan™ has received AOAC approval for the analysis of moisture, fat, and protein in meat and meat products.
The approval allows food producers to exploit the leading meat analytical solution with full confidence in an officially approved method.

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See how the FoodScan meat analyzer works

FoodScan is easy to use and can be operated by anyone. See how easy it is in this video.

Artificial Neural network(ANN)

ANN plug and play calibration

FoodScan™ is equipped with an ANN calibration making FoodScan™ a “plug & play” solution. It is ready to run immediately – no need for gathering many samples required for a typical PLS calibration. The ANN calibration covers nearly all type of meat and meat products, from raw meat to finished products.

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Monitoring and support via the internet

The FoodScan Meat Analyzer and other NIR technology-based instruments are supported by the RINA software suite. This provides an internet-based network connecting individual instruments to a control center. NIR experts at the center perform monitoring and management tasks remotely, allowing the local user to get on with routine analysis operations without having to worry about instrument performance or reliability of results.

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