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Fast and accurate tests for your cheese production

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MilkoStream™ FT - more value from your milk

The MilkoStream FT in-line analyser tests five key components of liquid milk directly in the dairy process line without bypass or manual sampling. It allows you to improve the efficiency of your milk standardization by more than 20%, raising both yield and product quality. MilkoStream uses the best analytical technology for liquid samples, Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) and is the world’s first truly in-line FTIR analyser. The solution is backed by more than 40 years of experience with in-line analysis and a network of more than 200 customer support engineers supporting an installed base of thousands of instruments.

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Fat, Protein, Lactose, Total Solids, SNF

Sample types

Liquid milk

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What can in-line milk standardisation do for you?

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The FOSS MilkoScan™ moves in-line

MilkoStream uses the same technology as the renowned MilkoScan used in laboratories and dairy processing plants around the world. It tests five key components Fat, Protein, Lactose, Total Solids, SNF with in-process repeatability of (Sr) 0,015 on fat and protein and with an accuracy comparable to individual measurements from MilkoScan instruments used in the laboratory. Consistency of performance is ensured by an automatic reference check and cleaning of the probe is performed as part of normal CIP routines, making it very low maintenance.

In-line milk analyser MilkoStream FT

Improve your milk standardisation by more than 20% with real-time MilkoScan results

The concept of standardising fat and protein in milk is increas¬ingly popular as a way to boost economy in dairy produc¬tion. The continuous and accurate measurements provided by MilkoStreamTM FT allow you to move your targets closer to specification. Typically, you can improve product consistency and reduce production variation by more than 20%. The resulting increase in yield is considerable, for example, saving a medium sized cheese plant around EUR 120.000 per year.

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FTIR with Dynamic Diamond Probe

Partner with the global leader in dairy in-line analysis

Rely on a supplier offering 60 years experience in analytical excellence and an installed base of 1000s of instruments supported by a global network of more than 200 customer support engineers. Local, competent and certified they keep your analytical solution running at peak performance for maximum productivity, payback and profit.

MilkoStream FT

Patented inline FTIR with Dynamic Diamond Probe™

The FOSS patented in-line Dynamic Diamond Probe™, DDP™, performs dynamic reference samples after CIP eliminating the need for Zero setting. The technology is based on a movable diamond window in the measurement cuvette that gives reference measurements of a few micrometres. The dynamic reference standardisation performed by the MilkoStream therefore effectively allows FTIR analysis on milk directly in the process pipe. In addition, the gap in the cuvette can be opened up to 1 millimetre for CIP cleaning.

Quick to install

Get up and running quickly with ready-to-use calibrations based on the extensive FOSS chemometrics knowledge built-up over 60 years

High up-time and low cost of ownership

Enjoy top in-line performance day in, day out with robust design and automatic ‘CIP’ compatible cleaning. Link up to the internet for remote surveillance and predictive maintenance from instrument experts

Simple to use software

The MilkoStream FT runs on the easy-to-use ISIscan Nova software and can be connected to PLC or Scada systems making it easy to exploit analytical data

Instrument standardisation

MilkoStream instruments are factory standardised for high stability and for the same results on multiple instruments

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