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NIRS™ DA1650 Oilseed Crush Analyser

Fast and reliable oilseed crush analysis in one unit

The new gold reflector cup for liquid oils adds a unique versatility to the NIRS DA1650 oilseed crush solution. Now, edible oils manufacturers can analyse both liquid and solid oil-crush process samples, thereby gaining vital data at different stages of the process, with just one cost-effective analytical unit. Versatile sample presentation allows anyone to get reliable measurements for whole grains, meals and oil, while true networking capability and simple touch-screen operation keep running costs lower than any other NIR solution.

Gold reflector cup

Unique Gold Reflector

The unique NIRS DA 1650 oilseed crush solution consists of a specially designed liquid sample cup and a gold transflectance reflector lid that seals in the liquid to avoid spills. Together, the cup and mirror create a physical boundary for the NIR measurements, ensuring the same path length for oil, every time. Quartz glass protects the surface of the reflector to avoid wear.

Versatile sample presentation

Versatile sample presentation

Measure whole grains, cakes, meals and other solid samples in the normal sample holder, and then use the unique gold reflector cup for oil for the next sample. The intuitive touch screen interface makes it fast and easy for any user to switch between sample types.

Parameters for solid samples

Measure protein, oil, fiber and moisture in raw materials such as; meals, flakes and pellets

Parameters for liquid oil samples

Measure Free Fatty Acids, Iodine Value, moisture, Peroxide Value and Phosphorus among others, in liquid oils; from crude to refined oils

More data more power

Having just one, easy-to-use unit promotes more frequent testing, giving you more data and more power to control your production process. Maintenance is minimal because you only have one solution to look after.

Unprecedented flexibility

Designed to withstand production environments while offering consistent measurements. The sealed DDA platform is invulnerable to vibration, dust or spills, providing unprecedented flexibility for use in the lab and on-site.

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