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Samples: range of applications such as consumer milk, powder and cheese milk

Parameters: Fat, protein, lactose, total solid and solid non fat

For use by: Large dairy producers

Measuring speed: Continuous monitoring with measurements made every few seconds

Technology: FTIR (Fourier Transform InfraRed) full spectrum analysis

Analysis time: 30 seconds/ measurement as default

Sample temperature: 3-65°C

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ProcesScan FT

ProcesScan™ and Process Touch software

ProcesScan™ FT is an on-line analyzer for standardization of milk and valuable liquid dairy products. Installed directly in the production line, it provides accurate measurements of fat, protein, lactose, total solid and Solids non-fat.

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The value of milk standardization

How do you produce consistent end products across multiple factories using a constantly varying milk supply? The answer, according to leading dairy producers Fonterra, is to standardize milk and dairy products in the process.

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Perfect pizza cheese at the right price

Cheese production is made more economical and predictable using ProcesScan FT.

Process control in the production line

Rapid and continuous adjustments to the flow of milk entering the production line lead to huge process efficiency savings for forward-looking Arla cheese production facility.

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Advanced performance with FTIR analysis

ProcesScan™ is based on Fourier Transform InfraRed (FTIR) analysis. It works with the mid-Infrared region of the spectrum from 3 - 10 µm corresponding to 1000 – 5000 cm -1.

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No daily maintenance

At the heart of the flow system is a diamond cuvette, which makes it possible to CIP clean the flow system together with CIP cleaning of the process. This makes production line monitoring automated and efficient.

Improve consistency and profitability

The on-line ProcesScan reduces the variation in the product and once the variation is narrowed, the target value may be brought closer to the limit, thereby improving profitability and product consistency.

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